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This is getting disgusting!

First things first.. I am a girl and I am straight with a loving boyfriend. Not ever, not in a million years will I enjoy watching porn, naked women taking their clothes off, or someone shaking their ass in front of the camera. I know a lot of you may think I am crazy, but that shit is nasty. (No it’s not because I’m jealous) It’s because A. I am in a relationship and definetely dont want my boyfriend looking at that stuff, it makes me uncomfortable and a little insecure, and B. ITS STRAIGHT UP TRASHY! Those girls need to learn what classy is and stop giving us girls a bad rep. Not all girls are willing to take their clothes off, rub their pussy on a pole and shake her ass like a black girl.. just to give a guy a hard on. Its disturbing and makes me sick.

As much as I hate those girls, I hate the men as well. Any man wanting to go to a strip club every Thirsty Thursday with their guy friends and get crabs and chlamydia pussies all up in their grill make me want to throw a baby out in the middle of the street, those men arent going to find a decent lady and never settle down if all they get is stripper and whore pussy… simple as that. This generation makes me sick, all the sex and nudity and online sex chat rooms and sexting, and picture messaging, and “her boobs arent big enough” or “her butt is too convex” is getting very out of hand.

I would rather not log in to Facebook and scroll down just to see a half naked asian woman on the side of the screen. I want to watch a Youtube video without out there being a featured video of a girl shaking her nasty white ass in front of the camera.

Come on now, we all need to understand that yes people like boobs and a fat ass. But not all girls and guys are comfortable with it. And I am about to throat punch the next half naked woman I see on the internet… Just saying.

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